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Birthdate:Dec 10
Location:New York, United States of America

Frank Iero is MADE OF SEX Love

Made by [info]marumae

Faux!Priests are Forbidden OhGodI'mGoingToHellForthisAren'tI? Kinky Love

Made by [info]marumae

(Bankai Ichigo adopted from somewhere, if you made this let me know! It's positively adorable)


I'm a twenty-five year old Wesetern New Yorker who watches a lot of movies and reads a great deal. After graduating at a local college I've student loaned myself to death and have since been accepted and are currently attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to get my B.A. in History. I aspire to be a professional writer (as do so many of course) but my realistic goal is Library Science.

I'm not picky about friending, especially if we lurk in the same communities or message boards. If I don't friend you right away I probably haven't noticed you yet. Just let me know in my comments. A warning also, I do read/skim every journal entry my friends post. However I won't always comment so don't feel offended. I know the horrors of not using an LJ cut and I will keep from flaming and trolling in my journal. However I AM a fan of slash and yaoi (boyxboy) if you can't handle those things I suggest you go elsewhere.

I tend to gravitate towards angsty, suspenseful and supernatural romances and am not opposed to character death or violence. I hope to finish something original in the future.

I reserve the right to unfriend at will if I see any person on my friends list using friendditto.

My Yuna Colorbar, Frank Iero color bar and Priest Kink colorbars can be found at said links. Other colorbars and fanlistings can be found at:My Colorbars and Fanlisting Codes

-Christian Bale mood theme [info]crackified

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